About GrantGuru

Finding and accessing funding often seems a complicated and difficult process. It shouldn’t be.

With over 35 years combined experience in the grants industry, we have made it our aim to make grants accessible and easy to find.

Here’s a glimpse at what GrantGuru puts at your fingertips.

Search Australia’s most comprehensive grants listing.

There is bound to be a grant for your project!

We include Federal, State & Local Government, plus grants from corporate & philanthropic organisations.

But wait: we list more than just grants! We also list rebates, concessions, awards, scholarships and more.

Not sure what you are looking for? Browse is for you.

We classify grants whether they are for business, community organisations or just for councils.

You can browse by industry, activity, community sector or location.

Feeling overwhelmed? Filter it down.

It is easy to find a grant for you.

We know that you don’t want to wade through every program, so we have created a powerful search engine that is easy to use and flexible – extracting the right grants for you.

Using more filters will narrow down your search results.

And for the more experienced, we also have an advanced search option.

All the information you need.

Each grant program is summarised onto one page, all with consistent language, layout and types of information, so you can compare apples with apples. We provide start by dates, links to forms, guides and access to the people that run the programs. And we go beyond the hard facts and provide you with a difficulty rating, inside info and our expert advice.

And so much more.

Save your favourites for later

Once you’ve found a grant, tuck it away for safe keeping in your favourites lists.

We know that you might not want to apply for everything you find. So we have created a Shortlist favourites tool to keep an eye on relevant programs. And if you don’t want to apply for a grant this time around, we will remind you in time for the next round.

You can create multiple lists of grants, and sort and filter them!

We recommend you create a list for each project you need a grant for.

Don’t miss out! Stay informed with alerts.

10 new grants are added, and 30 open, every week.

Set and forget with email alerts preferences – receive only relevant programs for new funding rounds, new programs and updates. That way you get grants direct to your inbox and tailored to your projects. Of course, you can change your preferences any time – you are in control!

We’ll also email you when grants in your favourites is updated.

We are the only service that truly personalises grant alerts!

Keep track of opening, start by and closing dates.

Our innovative calendar lets you visually see the dates on a timeline to quickly assess what is happening when.

Not just the opening and closing dates! We also give you advise when you should start your application.

Get organised with MyGrantSpace

Manage Grants Prioritise, plan and track your progress.

Finding a grant is only the first step. We know you want to be successful winning grants, so we have created a workflow tool to help execute and manage your grant strategy. You can prioritise, plan and track progress of applications by adding them into your ‘to do list’ – a helpful workflow management tool.

You can:

Shortlist: Add a grant here to save it for later. You can make multiple lists!

Prioritise: Assign a priority to a grant, to keep on track.

Diarise: Keep track of opening and closing dates

Track: Add the grants you are applying for and track what stage you are at.

Stay informed: we’ll alert you when one of your grants is updated.

Unlimited users
You can have unlimited users to GrantGuru anywhere, anytime. GrantGuru is an online tool, so you can access information anywhere, anytime. Flexible access and no training required.

Stay Informed

Keep up-to-date with insights, news and success stories. Be aware of media releases, trends and successful applicants. We provide regular grant insights, success stories, case studies and media releases.

Do it yourself, or we can help

Although you can write many grant applications yourself, the difficulty of some may lead you to seek the assistance of an external professional. Limited internal staffing may also lead you to choose this method.

The GrantReady team can help you apply for grants!

Contact us on 03 9853 9853 to get started! Our network of grant writers from all over Australia ensures we have a grant writer with the appropriate skills and knowledge to suit your project.

Does it work?
To date, organisations that have tapped into GrantGuru have already secured over $500,000,000. It works! Apply again and again for as many grants as you like.

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